Client Consent and Release


Client-to-Consultant Bridge (C2CB) provides clients access to Consultants who have been deemed qualified to participate in a project as requested and provides management of its volunteers under its generally established standards. The Consultants have acknowledged and are expected to perform project work to the best of his/her ability in a professional and ethical manner.

By engaging C2CB Consultant(s), Client agrees:

    • That Client will notify C2CB prior to publishing and attributing the results or derivatives of this project to C2CB;
    • That Client will not alter or otherwise misrepresent any results, findings, and/or recommendations delivered to the client by the C2CB project team, publicly or privately;
    • That the lack of timely response to C2CB request for input may result in a termination of the project at the discretion of C2CB;
    • That post-delivery review and feedback will be limited to a maximum of one (1) iteration, and any further iterations will be considered a new project, subject to approval by C2CB;
    • That the anonymized project results may be made public following the completion of the project, such as inclusion as a case study in public presentation and publication.
    • If any rework is required beyond the control of C2CB, C2CB reserves the right to close the project.

C2CB reserves the right to reject or modify any Client Project Request at its own discretion, subject to the availability of resources, consultants or any other internal considerations that at C2CB’s sole discretion warrant that rejection or modification.


By submitting your request, you acknowledge that you are participating in a project as a Client, a project that is organized by an affiliated group of volunteers collectively called C2CB ( the “Organizers”) , for the purpose of connecting businesses that need advice (the “Clients”) with business experts (the “Consultants”) during the economic and social dislocations caused by the SARS-COVID-19 pandemic. 

As such, you fully accept the relevant terms and conditions for the Project as spelled out in Project Agreement Template and the C2CB Client Policies ( 

The consideration for this Release, Hold Harmless and Indemnity is the benefit you receive from the Project, which you acknowledge in all of your capacities is good and sufficient. This benefit is accepted as being free yet valuable advice.

You, individually and in your capacity as a participant in this Project, on behalf of yourself and your heirs and successors, and on behalf of the organization, company or companies named in the request, and its/their officers, directors, owners, managers, members, assigns, employees and agents, (collectively, “You”) hereby release, hold harmless and indemnify everyone associated with the Project, including all of the volunteers working together as C2CB and all of the expert volunteers, from any liability for any loss or damage that you or any other party may suffer and any and all claims, demands, costs or judgments, including attorney fees, against them arising out of the activities to be carried out by any party pursuant to the obligations of this Project, including, but not limited to, the use by the Client of the results obtained from the activities performed by the Consultant in this Project, the activities performed by the Consultant at the request of the Client or C2CB and any other activities performed in the execution of this Project.

If appropriate, You also represent that You have authority on behalf of your company to bind it to this Release.