Statistics Without Borders, in collaboration with C2CB, has launched a comprehensive list of COVID-19 grants and low-cost loans available to small businesses, powered by data science. Not only is this list frequently updated, we are continually improving the process and the algorithm as the situation evolves, so check back often!

Small businesses are the hardest hit from the forced closures and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Numerous public and private programs have emerged to provide financial relief to small businesses through grants and low-cost loans. However, attempts to curate these funding programs are rarely comprehensive, and the lists quickly become outdated as new programs emerge and existing programs close.

A team of SWB volunteers, in collaboration with C2CB, has applied data science to close this information gap. Through a programmatic and automated approach, we now have an immensely useful resource for small businesses and advisors alike.

The statistical and data science community has so far focused primarily on the medical and public-health aspects of the pandemic. We hope this uniquely valuable use case provides an opportunity for statistics and data science to showcase their abilities.

SWB Volunteers:

  • Michal Czapski
  • Josh Derenski
  • Jordi Frank
  • Ziyin Geng
  • Steve Godfrey
  • Ryan Halstater
  • Saurabh Jogalekar
  • Isaac Khader
  • Shreshtha Kulkarni
  • Divya Raghunathan
  • Jamie Shaffer
  • Raj Shah
  • Lili Tang
  • Narayani Wagle


About Statistics Without Borders

Statistics Without Borders (SWB) is a volunteer Outreach Group of the American Statistical Association that provides pro bono services in statistics and data science. We work to improve decision making and knowledge in efforts that promote welfare through the proper application of statistical principles and best practices, where access to such resources is limited. To find out more about SWB, visit